• Couples!
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    I help couples drop what has soured and rediscover what is sweet and spicy

    When clients come to me, they're usually feeling...


    at one another’s lack of accountability and poor listening skills.


    by the merry go round of drama.

    ​Worn out

    from wearing their Couple’s Happy Mask while snarling or dying inside.


    Especially when they’re together.


    by the wall of icy silence in their living room. And bedroom.


    from hiding behind their cell phones to escape the lack of warmth and connection.


    and ready to consider calling it quits.

    That's where I come in.
    Every couple deserves to feel cherished, understood, and energized within their life long partnership

    What if you could both feel at ease with each other right now?

    Feel in charge

    Be confident that you’ve got the tools to manage explosive topics.

    Feel a shared trust and vulnerability between you

    You’ll discover easy ways to communicate.

    Feel hopeful

    Enjoy a clear game plan that ends your battles and strengthens your bonds. You’ll flirt again, you saucy couple!

    I help volatile couples make their hot relationship last and their lasting relationship hot

    I help high conflict partners to:

    Manage anger

    Anger is rocket fuel that can be safely re-channeled. You’ll be able to dampen your triggers and stay calm in challenging moments.


    There’s an art to couples’ communication. Most of us never learned it while growing up. You’ll be able to truly listen, speak and be heard. You’ll know how to ask for what you want and solve problems rather than fight.

    Discover new ways to cherish one another

    Conflict often comes from clinging to outdated ideas about one’s partner. Individuals grow and change and relationships need to reflect that.

    Set boundaries and negotiate

    Most partners already have good business skills. I’ll show you how to use them to improve your couple’s communication.

    The art of apology

    Don’t you just wish that you could get an apology? Or that you could apologize without feeling like a doormat? I’ll share 3 easy effective ways to apologize that end fights and heal hearts.

    Meet Your New Coach

    Hi, I'm Valerie.

    It’s vital to have communication tools for the tough topics.

    But tools aren’t enough.

    I’ll show you the key that unlocks lasting change.

    I’ve worked in this field for decades.

    It’s a privilege and honor for me when couples place their trust in my expertise.

    I’m a certified by the Relational Life Institute.

    RLT trained me to help couples move into authentic warmth and connection.

    I’m married with 2 adult children.

    My couples’ journey has been similar to yours.