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    Hello couples!

    I’d love to help you

    flip resentment



    You know where you want to go.

    Coaching with a clinically-trained specialist is the fastest way to get there.

    One-on-one coaching means:

    After some sessions with Val I feel unstuck and understand a lot of the patterns that I inherited. I feel so much love and support from her. It has been amazing for me since meeting Valerie.

    Sousse, Tunisia

    After meeting just one time with Valerie and appreciating so much her humor, her lightness, her making us feel as though everyone has issues like this, I walked away from that one hour session and felt a whole lot more connected to my husband. -Irene

    What I really liked was that Valerie gets you straight to the point.-Hursey

    Irene and Hursey Baker
    Oakland, California

    It was incredible, it was definitely a game changer. A lot of just really practical, concrete, hands on advice about how we can build a foundation for love to last.

    Jeronimo Calderon
    Costa Rica

    "Growing up, no one ever taught us the tools that keep each other happy."

    "Valerie's methods are insanely practical and simple and they work but only if you use them. We were desperate and knew we had to change. Her presence is for real, her advice cuts through the crap, and she gave us clear directions to get out of the mess we were in. 6 months later we have made new habits and are happy. "

    C.J. & M.R.
    San Francisco

    "I was ready to start an affair."

    "I was SO. FED. UP. in my marriage of 6 years. After 10 sessions with Val I started an affair...but with my wife instead. We are in love again. Thank you Valerie!"

    Mumbai, India

    Maybe it's time for coaching.

    You’ll find me to be far more direct.

    We won’t meander, I promise.

    I take multiple sides.

    Couples are complex. Each partner has their own perspective.

    I give you tools.

    You’ll love how well they work!

    I check in on your homework.

    It takes a few minutes, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

    I check in with you between sessions.

    A quick email exchange keeps you both accountable.

    You’ll get in, get results, get out.

    I believe you can stop fighting in five hours.

    Do you need extra privacy and more free time? My virtual office gives you:

    No traffic or parking hassles and more ease in your schedule.

    No awkward moments running into colleagues in my virtual waiting room.

    No one in your gossipy community will ever see you coming to my virtual office.



    Serious about getting unstuck but don’t know how.

    I have a roadmap just for your couple. It’s tailored from decades of helping couples  to stop fighting.

    Ready to try new skills in order to get better results.

    No matter how bitter you’ve been, you’ll be happy to see how conflict stops for good.

    Nostalgic for your past happiness and aware of the golden potential you still share.

    I’m good at tapping that emotional reservoir of past good times. We’ll leverage those peak experiences into creating your happier future.

    Hesitant to sign up because your partner is stubborn and resistant.

    Come solo to the first session. I’ll share two tricks that get partners on board.

    You have found your coach!


    Different needs, different options.

    Pricing Plans

    Single Session $220.

    Don't berate! Communicate!

    1 hour plus homework and 1 followup email

    Get a teamwork mindset.

    Hear an expert's opinion on how each partner needs to change.

    Communicate effectively and hear what your partner is trying to tell you.

    Package of Five Sessions $1000.

    Enjoy less nagging and more shagging!

    5 hours, 5 assignments and 5 checking in emails

    ​Get a teamwork mindset

    Hear an expert's opinion on how each partner needs to change.​

    Discover 4 methods to laser focus your communication and decode what your partner is saying.​

    Enjoy 4 skills that guarantee no more shouting matches.​

    Use 3 tools to negotiate a win-win

    Master 2 methods to switch your fizzle back into sizzle.

    Get a new vision of your shared dreams and hopes for your future.