• Hi, I'm Valerie.

    ​I love to work with high conflict couples.

    I’ll show you how to get what you want… for the rest of your life!

    I’ve been married for decades so I know firsthand just how very challenging living happily ever after can be!

    My favorite breakfast is Belgian chocolate with an espresso.

    I have a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, am certified by the Relational Life Institute, and have been helping couples to succeed for a long time.

    I fell in love with my life partner in my teens.

    We flirted, dated, and planned our dream life together. We’d talk about everything and often completed each others’ sentences. We sensed when each other was having a bad day. There were no secrets between us. Oh yeah, we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another. The mutual feeling was ecstatic, erotic and magnetic!

    And then…..we decided to get married.

    The fights and misunderstandings mushroomed. We slid into relational mud and were clueless.

    Finally we decided to fix our marriage.

    We read books, went to seminars and tried therapy. We learned to talk it out. At times our healing journey was brutally tough.

    But so worth it.

    For decades now we’ve returned to enjoying all of the romance, intimacy, and fun that we had in our youth.

    Our bond is amazing. We’re best friends. We laugh a lot. Our love life keeps getting better. Really.

    We communicate, support each other and negotiate rather than bicker.

    Work with me, and you’ll benefit from my experience and training.

    As a couples’ coach, I’m inspired to pass on what I know. I want YOUR couple to fly past all of the obstacles that could slow you down.

    If you're ready to stop fighting,
    I can't wait to help!