• Post Pandemic Freedom and Relationships

    You’ve been housebound, working from home while juggling homeschooling, unemployed, stranded on lockdown without your friend circles.

    Finally, you can get away, ditch the people you’ve been locked up with, escape family responsibilities, connect with friends and be free again.

    Spending even more time with your partner may be the last thing you want to do. Your mate may have radically different expectations about post pandemic freedom. You need to lovingly address that now, before conflict starts. If your mate says, “What about our date nights?” ‘Don’t you want to go out with me?” you must respond from a teamwork perspective.

    Communication tip: Compare expectations now, about how you’ll celebrate the first 90 days of your upcoming post vaccination freedom. Sit down together and make 3 lists of what you want to do once you are vaccinated. One for solitary time, one for friendship events, and one for couple’s time. Compare lists and negotiate. In addition to couples’ time, be generous in encouraging your partner to have plenty of time alone or with others.

    Start setting up all 3 types of dates now!